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Digital Signage Player

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Robustie Solution

Digital Signage Made for Professionals
The Robustie Solution brilliantly equips industrial-grade hardware and professional software to provide a professional and robust solution to users with diverse project needs.
CAYIN SMP players, the core member of the Robustie solution, are designed to work standalone to play programmed content on displays while fulfilling the requirements of smaller-scale digital signage applications.

HDMI Video Outputs Widely Broadening Applications

Digital signage player can control 2 screens in both portrait and landscape orientation
for most popular or even user-defined resolutions.
4 Signal Output Modes Widely Broadening Applications:

Built to Convey Instant and Media-rich Messages

Built to Convey Instant and Media-rich Messages

SMP-2300 Digital Signage Player supports a variety of multimedia formats including 4K HDMI video, YouTube Video, Flash® animation, HTML5 web page, image, music, and text ticker.
The player can stream real-time HD video by connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, or other multimedia devices through an external HDMI capture card (sold separately).
The richness of your digital signage networks goes beyond promotional videos, other contents such as news, weather, social media, streaming videos and any partial web page can also be easily adapted to enrich your digital signage presentations.

Easy-to-Use Template Creation in Two Ways

With SMP-NEO2, SMP-2300 Digital Signage Player provides a web-based Skin Editor so that users can perform a drag-and-drop operation to define the size and the location of each zone directly on SMP players.
Through Skin Editor, you can customize the screen resolution to meet your needs, including screen orientation and multi-display setup.
In addition, experienced web designers can also utilize any web-editing tool to create HTML pages for the greatest flexibility.
Learn more about SMP-NEO2 >

Perform a drag-and-drop operation to define the size
and the location of each zone directly on SMP players

Skin Editor

skin editor

Any Web-editing Tool


html5 javascripts css3
skin editor

Skin Editor

Perform a drag-and-drop operation to define the size and the location of each zone directly on SMP players


html5 javascripts css3

Any Web-editing Tool

Rich Library and Cloud Resources

All necessary raw materials, including multimedia files, fonts, clocks, skins, programs, and playlists, can be accessed easily in the Library to assist you in organizing resources.
The system allows you to upload your desired fonts and even download the latest templates from CAYIN’s Cloud service for free to greatly enrich your content.

Rich Library and Cloud Resources

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Ready-to-use Digital Signage Player

SMP-2300 Digital Signage Player, the industrial-grade hardware, is bundled with dedicated digital signage software, SMP-NEO2 , as a complete media player for digital sign applications. SMP-2300 and SMP-NEO2 are optimized to work well together. Not only will you enjoy a seamless user experience, but you can also manage the device remotely from your web browser without installing any additional software.

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Playback Modes

3 Playback Modes
for All Occasions and Applications

You can divide the screen into several zones, each media assigned with independent schedules and settings.
If you simply want to deliver a full-screen presentation as a digital poster, you can create playlists to display different multimedia contents in order.

2 Viewing Modes for Playback Scheduling:
Calendar and Timetable

You can insert a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales. You can assign a date, a time period, or even a day in a specific week of a month (e.g. 2nd Sunday in May).
Location-based scheduling or central scheduling through a CMS server is also available to increase the flexibility.

Intuitive Scheduling Management

Mobile and Place-Based Digital Signage

SMP-2300 Digital Signage Player can integrate with 4G/3G and GPS technology
to provide mobile and location-based solutions.
Players installed in moving vehicles can playback contents based on both time and location.
Administrators can also locate each player on Google Maps
and instantly have an idea of the overall connection status of all media players.
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Dual LAN Ports Collaborate with Firewall Strengthen Security

Dual LAN Ports Collaborate with
Firewall Strengthen Security

SMP-2300 digital signage player is equipped with two LAN ports. One port can be used to access the Internet with the inbuilt firewall, while the other port can be used to log into SMP’s web-based management interface through a local area network.
Administrators can not only avoid the hazards from the internet, but also manage SMP players within a secure LAN. This leading design offers a safer and more flexible network planning for large-scale digital signage projects.

Support Intuitive Multi-Touch Gestures

SMP Digital Signage Player support integration with HID compliant touch panels and multi-touch gestures.
Users can tap, swipe, pinch or spread one or two fingers to click, change, zoom in or out web pages. Thus, digital signage can interact with customers in a more intuitive way. You may also create your own custom gestures to suit your specific needs and drive customer engagement.


Select items

zoom in or out

Switch between contents

Instant Remote Diagnostics and
Preliminary Maintenance

Administrators can perform troubleshooting remotely by retrieving log records and monitoring key operational activities, such as system resource usage, CPU temperature, fan speed, and network topology. To obtain the optimal performance and functionality, users will be prompted to install patches whenever new software updates are available.
If an abnormal situation occurs, SMP-2300 Digital Signage Player is equipped with a self-repair mechanism to restart the system automatically. Administrators can also restore configurations or recover a system immediately when necessary.

Instant Remote Diagnostics and Preliminary Maintenance

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CAYIN Compact 4K HDMI Digital Signage Player

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CMS-SE Server

CMS-SE Server

With CMS-SE, administrators can manage players in groups, and perform live video streaming, central scheduling, emergency mode, access right management, and content updates of multiple players simultaneously.

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