Web Technologies & Digital Signage

Integration with Web Server & Database

Making the best use of the sophisticated computer technology, CAYIN digital signage solution is definitely the best choice for VARs or web application developers. It provides the greatest flexibility to integrate web servers and databases, and further develops more interesting applications.

For example, digital signage in an insurance company can automatically reveal top sales performance on the screen to encourage better sales revenues. Screens in a factory can immediately show vital indexes during production. CAYIN digital signage system can also integrate with sports game systems to provide updated details of athletes’ excellent performances.

With CAYIN digital signage solution, you can focus on your field of expertise and create your own unique, competitive digital signage solutions in different vertical markets.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-8100, SMP-2310, SMP-2300 , SMP-2200

CAYIN Web-based Digital Signage Players can integrate with the following systems:

  • Hotel Management/Reservation System
  • Sales and Inventory System
  • Factory Management System
  • School Bulletin System
  • Sports Game System
  • Queuing System for Banks and Hospitals
  • More…

CAYIN xPost outlines the wide possibilities of integrating digital signage system with web servers and databases for different applications. xPost includes the following three main modules:

xPost scenario illustration
meetingPost illustration


is dedicated to meeting room management in hotels, schools, corporations, and convention centers. Administrators can use its room booking system to process online booking for all meeting and banquet rooms. All information will be shown on the correspondent screen automatically based on pre-set schedule.
lobbyPost illustration


is especially designed for lobby digital signage. It provides content and managerial tools for users to easily display advertisements, room types and tariff, currency exchange rates, weather and more information on the screen in lobbies.
wayfinderPost illustration


is application software that CAYIN especially develops for public spaces where guiding directions are necessary. It can also be used to convey up-to-date announcements, and promote events.
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