SMP-NEO2 Series

SMP-NEO2 Series

A series of high-performance digital signage players bundled with the next-gen digital signage software, SMP-NEO2, with an intuitive UI and great feature enhancements. It is designed to create dynamic advertising content and messages on digital signs via HTML5, Flash, social media, weather, cloud resources, etc.

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CMS10 Series

CMS10 Series

Bundled with content managment servers, CMS10 is a powerful software dedicated to work with SMP-NEO2 digital signage players. It provides a scalable player remote management structure, allowing a secured self-hosted network with easy access to flexible central scheduling, emergency broadcast, and live streaming, etc.

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An advanced reporting software dedicated for CAYIN’s digital signage network. Incorporated with CAYIN SMP players, the software assists administrators in generating playback and system status reports instantly for multiple digital signage networks. Administrators can use SuperReporter 2 to generate diagrams and reports for billing and performance analysis.

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An advanced management software designed for CAYIN’s digital signage network. Incorporated with CAYIN CMS server, the software greatly enhances managerial functions, assisting administrators in monitoring and configuring multiple CMS servers and SMP players simultaneously by simply clicking, selecting, and drag-n-drop. Administrators can easily monitor the status of their networks and configure the settings of SMP players and CMS servers.

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Content Creation Software for Lobby Digital Signage that allows you to display important information to passers-by.

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CAYIN’s smarter meetingPost system now allows you to change meeting schedules within an instant!

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CAYIN’s wayfinderPost system helps update events information and directions easily and quickly. Learn more  >

Why Choose CAYIN?

We are unique

Feature-rich multimedia playback
Powerful remote management
Flexible integration
Great scalability

One fits all

Designed for small- to large-scale DOOH Networks

CAYIN Basic DOOH Networks


Each SMP player can be managed individually by its web-based user interface via network.
CAYIN Advanced DOOH Networks


SMP players can be divided into groups and be controlled centrally by a CMS server and SuperMonitor and integrated with extended applications on both web-based and Windows-based user interfaces.

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