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CAYIN Skin Editor

CAYIN Skin Editor is a template builder for users to organize a multi-zone digital signage layout. After creating a skin file, users can upload it to SMP players and adopt it into your contents.
CAYIN Skin Editor
  • Provide diverse skin templates to accelerate content development
  • Easy to arrange multimedia zones for various screen resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Support to divide skin into a variety of multimedia zones, including video, Flash® animation, HTML web page, image, clock and text ticker
  • Freely define the location and size of each zone
  • Support to design your own clocks
* The software can only run on Windows OS.
* This tool supports zone layouts for 1 or 2 screens in extended mode. You can use SMP's Web Manager to tailor skins for more than 2 screens.
CAYIN Skin Editor

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