CAYIN Signage Assistant
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CAYIN Signage Assistant

CAYIN Signage Assistant is an Android and iOS mobile app, working with CAYIN CMS digital signage content management servers.

With this mobile app, users can monitor and manage the enterprise digital signage network anytime, anywhere. It greatly increases management efficiency to ensure the service quality of your digital signage network.

Manage SMP and CMS

Manage SMP and CMS

You can manage all SMP players and one or multiple CMS servers, including main and site servers and have all players' status in hand for quick response to unexpected incidents.

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Abnormal Status Alarm

Users can get player’s connection status with this mobile app.
The app will signal abnormal connection situations and empower administrators to reboot players if necessary.

Abnormal status alarm
Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

You can monitor the screenshot of the current playback content of all players to make sure each screen is displaying the correct content as scheduled.

Product and News Announcement

You can get a hand on real-time product information, resource information, software updates, and company announcement on CAYIN Signage Assistant app.

Product and news announcement

System Requirements

The App needs to be installed on an Android or iOS device and
work with a CAYIN CMS server, as listed below:

  • Android V7, iOS V13.0 or later version
  • CMS Model: CMS-60/ CMS-SE/ CMS-WS V11.0 or later version
  • The CMS V11.0 server must apply SP1-SP5 before it can communicate with the App. You can upgrade the firmware from Online Resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

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