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Flexie Solution

The Flexie Solution serves as an all-in-one Digital Signage Management System
for all types of businesses and budgets.

One for All, All in One

CMS-WS is the ideal cross-platform server you’ve been waiting for. The All-in-One Digital Signage Management System allows users to connect and manage up to 1000 devices directly through the web browser.
Choose from a wide selection of devices: Smart TV, Android Playback Systems, Mobile devices, Tablets, PC, Laptop with CMS-WS players, CAYIN digital signage players and other media players. The unbeatable versatility gives control back to the user and can match diverse business demands and budgets.

One for All, All in One

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Small Budget, Big Result

Small Budget, Big Result

Compared to other cloud-based CMS software,
you can spend less but benefit more with CMS-WS.
The yearly-subscription based service cuts out long-term commitment and instead provides extra flexibility by letting users choose their own devices for the best value and cost.
CMS-WS is the ideal cost-effective solution for retail,
small and medium-sized businesses to get
big results from a small budget.

Start Marketing in Seconds

Reach your target audiences and start marketing your brand and products within seconds with CMS-WS!
The rich library and cloud resources packed with fonts, clocks, downloaded and adjusted based on your brand image, style and needs. You’ll be able to stream a variety of media types, including video, YouTube video, image, HTML5 web page, text ticker, news, weather, social media, etc.
Moreover, CMS-WS will deploy your marketing touchpoints to

communicate with your audiences in2Simple Steps

Small Budget, Big Result

Versatile Playback Function

The Versatile Playback Function offers three playback options. Playlist: Create a playlist that automatically plays the content in sequence.
Schedule: Arrange a one-time event or daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly tasks for all CAYIN players and web-enabled devices. The two viewing modes, calendar and timetable, help users facilitate schedule management.
Emergency: Designed for times of urgency, users can activate the alert mechanism and broadcast emergency messages in texts, images, videos, HTML...etc. The cross-platform feature will allow your audience to access urgent messages on their personal devices.

Safe and Secure Data Storage

Compared to other cloud-based services, CMS-WS protects your data from security risks and leaks by storing them in your server rather than the cloud. Users have full control over their data and can choose their own preferred network.
For convenience, select the internet browser or for security, choose the LAN/WAN intranet, which provides a private connection for important content and data.
Safe and Secure Data Storage
Automated Video and Image Playlist

Automated Video and Image Playlist

Schedule content on playlists ahead of time so you never drop the ball! Expiration dates can be set on uploaded video or image files in your playlist and automatically played or stopped as per your desired dates.

Intuitive User Interface

CMS-WS’s intuitive user interface gives users the ability to perfectly manage all multimedia content with zero learning curve. The remote management function also gives users instant access to manage, upload, and schedule display devices anywhere, anytime using a WEB browser, or the CMS-WS player App.

File Conversion Feature

Uploaded video files can be automatically converted to your choice of 720P, and 1080P through the CMS-WS conversion settings without sacrificing picture resolution. Converted files save data and server storage space and ensure a smoother playback.
File Conversion Feature
Network Traffic Manager

Network Traffic Manager

Easily manage your video players' bandwidth through network traffic and instantly tap into each player’s real-time traffic and functioning status. You can also observe and check large traffic spikes for accidental operational mistakes or abnormal intrusions. To improve playback fluency and stability, adjust your player's content based on what you observe from the backend.


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