Never leave your players unattended again! With Redundancy, they will be safer than ever.
Redundancy (Failover)

Always Be Prepared

CAYIN’s CMS supports Redundancy (Failover) service, so you don’t have accidents. Redundancy service is guaranteed to seamlessly transfer the connection to a backup server, should a CMS server is unable to connect for any reasons.


24/7 Backup Support

24/7 Backup Support

For 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as you have your backup server, you are covered.

Redundancy Monitoring

Redundancy Monitoring

You can monitor the Redundancy status on your Major and Backup CMS through the built-in CMS management software.

Automated Server Redundancy

Automated Server Redundancy

With Automated Server Redundancy, the connection will be diverted automatically whenever there is an outage. When the major server is back online, the connection failbacks automatically.

Reverse syncing

Reverse Syncing

Need to reset your Major server to its factory settings? No worries, everything is stored exactly the way it should be on your backup server, and you can put it all back with just a single click.

What is Redundancy (Failover)?

Redundancy Structure

Redundancy is essentially a backup process for preventing data loss and service outage. Redundancy service provides a more stable and secured playback environment for the SMP players managed by a CMS server, by syncing all the settings and contents into a backup CMS server. Whenever a Major CMS is offline, or unable to connect to its SMP players, the backup server will automatically divert the connection until the Major CMS becomes available again.


Note: You must have 2 of the identical CMS servers (Same model no. and firmware version) in order to access the Redundancy service.

Compatible CMS Servers