Signage has been prevalent in the transportation industry for years, such as airport, train station, bus stop, ferry, etc. Compared to traditional printed signage, digital signage is proven to effectively get more travelers' attention with vivid contents and becomes a practical marketing platform for advertisers in public transportation areas, since passengers need to kill time while they are waiting.

Broadcasting safety instructions and live, frequently changing information with minimum human involvement is also one major advantage of digital signage. For example, digital signage in the airport can convey updated flight schedules and wayfinding information to travelers so that they can find their destination swiftly and, furthermore, enhance travel experience.

Transportation Digital Signage

Diversified Information Platform


Transportation Digital Signage: Airport

Digital signage network can be used to convey updated flight information, announcements, and emergency messages at the boarding gate, check-in counter, and other public spaces inside the airport. Retail shops, restaurants, baggage claim areas, and boarding gates in the terminal also provide a good platform for advertisers to promote their products and brand image.


Screens, installed behind the driver’s seat, can be used for advertising. With GPS, advertisements can be run depending on your current location. Entertainment content, such as TV, news tickers, maps, weather, tourist information, etc. can increase passengers’ satisfaction.


Screens inside a bus can provide news, announcements, and promotions of local companies. With GPS, advertisements can be run depending on your current location.

Train and Subway

Digital signage network can be used to broadcast train timetables and direction guiding at the entrance and in the passageways. Dynamic advertisements on the walls of the escalator, running from top to bottom, can create magnificent visual effects.

Ferry and Cruise

Transportation Digital Signage: Ferry and Cruise

Digital menu board can be deployed in snack bars and restaurants. Displays in the shop areas and at the entrance can present eye-catching promotions of products, services, and events. Live information, such as weather and news, can also be useful and entertaining to passengers during the trip.

System Deployment

Airport Digital Signage-System Deployment
  • All SMP digital signage players as a networked stand alone solution
  • All SMP digital signage players incorporated with CMS Server as a Client-Server structure solution
  • SMP-WEB series digital signage players and a Web server (ASP/PHP programs) as a Client-Server Structure solution

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