RETAIL DIGITAL SIGNAGE (Digital Signage Advertising Network)

Retailers, at the end of the supply chain, have a significant influence on customers' decisions and satisfaction. Therefore, marketers consider retailing to be important in the overall distribution and advertising strategy. Shop owners also emphasize the importance of an effective and time-to-market promotion at the point of purchase.

CAYIN's digital signage products fulfill retailers' needs by offering a flexible and easy-to-use platform to convey targeted advertisements and updated information. Administrators can also generate billing reports and monitor the functioning status of the whole digital signage advertising network easily.

Digital Signage Advertising,Advertising Player,Advertising Digital Signage

Diversified Information Platform

Integration with Retailers’ Existing Systems

Digital Signage Advertising, Advertising Player, Advertising Digital Signage

CAYIN's SMP-WEB series digital signage player (advertising player)is under an open structure. Administrators can update live information, e.g. prices or product descriptions, manually via the Internet. They can also integrate CAYIN's products with retailers' database or inventory management system to launch suitable advertising programs automatically based on the inventory status in stores.

Advertising Digital Signage

Digital signage in malls, chain stores, and shops can display news, promotions, announcements, open hours, and special offers to targeted audiences (customers and employees).

Interactive Digital Signage

The content can include interactive information, such as: questionnaires, product introductions, floor plan/facilities of a mall and e-catalogs. The system can be enabled via a touch screen, barcode scanner, mouse, keyboard, or keypad.

System Deployment

Digital Signage Advertising,Advertising Player,Advertising Digital Signage
  • All SMP digital signage players as a networked stand alone solution
  • All SMP digital signage players incorporated with CMS Server as a Client-Server structure solution
  • SMP-WEB series digital signage players and a Web server (ASP/PHP programs) as a Client-Server Structure solution

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