Public sectors, such as local/federal government, army, police, congress, council, etc. can use digital signage as an effective medium for both internal and external communication. It can convey announcements and information to target audiences in a clear, accurate, and timely way across multiple offices or within a particular venue.

Government Digital Signage

Diversified Information Platform

Enhance Internal Communication

As corporate communication, digital signage can broadcast dynamic, updated internal information to officers via flat-panel screens installed in staff-only areas.

Broadcast Alert Messages

Digital signage networks provide officers with an instant alert mechanism in public spaces. Administrators can post network-wide emergency messages immediately from a control center.

Display “Wanted” Messages

Officers can display wanted messages on all government’s digital signage networks nationwide.

Improve Public Relations

Government Digital Signage: Public Announcement

Officers can use the latest digital signage technology to convey major policy changes, service procedures, meeting information, wayfinding services, and all other relevant information which keeps citizens well informed and reduces waiting time.

Links to Outside World

Digital signage displays can be used to monitor TV news or to show real-time disaster related statistics or live traffic video and updates.

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