School is a place for innovation and creativity, and usually acts as an early-adopter of new technology. Replacing traditional static bulletin board, CAYIN's dynamic digital signage solution allows schools to display instant multimedia content and manage the whole digital media network across campuses efficiently over Internet. It helps to differentiate school’s image, and utilizes advanced multimedia and network technologies to set up an internal information channel for students, teachers, staff, and visitors.

Digital Signage for School and University Campuses

Diversified Information Platform

Digital School Bulletin Board

Digital School Bulletin Board

Screens at front gates, along corridors, beside stairs, and in front of elevators can convey school information and news, such as: announcement, school timetable, promotion of speeches, seminars, or activities, greetings and messages for guests, and the display of students' multimedia (art) works.

Broadcast Live Video

Administrators can broadcast live seminars, sports games, and school ceremony to all displays within campuses.

Interactive Information Stand

Students and visitors can check information via the interactive digital signage system, such as campus guide (map, departments, and facilities).

Conference Information

Digital Signage Delivers Conference Information

Screens outside conference rooms can display daily occupancies, events, and current conference information (name, time, subject, etc.)

System Deployment

Education Digital Signage-System Deployment
  • All SMP digital signage players as a networked stand alone solution
  • All SMP digital signage players incorporated with CMS Server as a Client-Server structure solution
  • SMP-WEB series digital signage players and a Web server (ASP/PHP programs) as a Client-Server Structure solution

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