Digital signage systems can cut down costs of printed signs and posters and provide the best solution for convention centers and exhibition halls to handle ever-changing messages, such as event promotions and meeting agendas.

Video walls are also a common digital signage solution in exhibition halls, convention centers and all other venues where single display is too feeble to attract attention. These dynamic, colorful screens are frequently used to create a modern and high-tech atmosphere.

Digital Signage for MICE Industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions)

Diversified Information Platform

Change Meeting Information Frequently

Exhibition Hall Digital Signage, Digital Sign

CAYIN digital signage system can be used to integrate databases and meeting scheduling systems, such as CAYIN xPost. Administrators can schedule meetings in advance, and all information on digital signage displays will be changed automatically.

Provide Wayfinding Information

Digital signage can broadcast real-time meeting schedules and directions throughout the venue, and lead visitors to their destinations immediately.

Promote Events Effectively

Digital signage technology enables event organizers to promote their activities, meetings, conferences, and shows with dynamic, compelling advertising messages.

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