Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

CAYIN Digital Signage Makes a Great First Impression to Thailand visitors!

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

CAYIN’s SMP-WEBPLUS digital signage players empower twenty-three LCD screens in Suvarnabhumi Airport, the biggest international airport in Thailand. The digital signage network has become one of the most influential channels to convey official announcements and commercial advertisements to visitors in Thailand.

Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi Airport, about 25 km from the east of Bangkok, is an important business and logistic hub in the South-East Asia. The name, Suvarnabhumi, was conferred by King Bhumipol Adulyadej and means “The Golden Land” in Thai. Opened in September 2006, the airport replaces the overloaded Don Muang airport and can accommodate 45 million domestic and international passengers per year. With a size of 563,000sqm, Suvarnabhumi's passenger terminal ranks the second largest single terminal building in the world. The airport is an important gateway to Asia and develops Thailand as the aviation and air transport hub of South-East Asia.

Target to Communicate with Visitors Effectively
As the “first face” to visitors to Thailand, Suvarnabhumi Airport is responsible to ensure the safe and efficient flow of people and goods and, at the same time, enhance the country’s image. CAYIN’s digital signage solution is introduced in this project to achieve the following objectives:

  • Inform travelers of important announcements and regulations efficiently.
  • Promote business, tourism, and activities in Thailand.

Digital Signage Solution

  • 23 Polytron 55” LCD displays are installed in Suvarnabhumi Airport.
  • 2 CAYIN SMP-WEBPLUS, web-based digital signage players are responsible for managing and storing multimedia content.

Well-selected Strategic Location to Maximize Influence

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

The project was accomplished successfully through the great effort of DMaSStech, CAYIN’s premium distributor in Thailand. Suvarnabhumi Airport adopted CAYIN’s digital signage solution for the system’s sophistication and well-established worldwide successful stories.

To maximize communication effectiveness, twenty-three screens have been installed at the most strategic spots where all travelers must pass through; no matter if one is a citizen or foreign visitor. Immigration officers will check travelers’ passports and related travel documents, so each person needs to wait in line for at least ten to thirty minutes, which largely increases the chance of being noticed. Those screens can also lower perceived wait time and enhance visitors’ satisfaction.

Powerful CAYIN Digital Signage Media Players
In the preliminary phase, all screens display the same content, so two CAYIN SMP-WEBPLUS digital signage players have been installed with VGA extenders to control twenty-three LCD monitors. With the help of the player’s powerful remote management functions, administrators can set schedules in advance to playback multimedia contents automatically. Control rooms can also immediately change contents to suit the time of flight and the number of passengers subject to particular onsite circumstances.

Compelling Media to Reach International Visitors
The digital signage screens have become the perfect channel for the government to promote activities and tourism in Thailand. It is also considered as one of the most effective platform to convey important information and announcements, such as luggage claim, transportation, immigration law, etc.

“As a compelling media with more than 14 million viewers per year, the digital signage network has received great attention from business owners in Thailand,” said Mr. Sathian Thancharoenkit, Managing Director of DMaSStech. “It is definitely the effective marketing media for corporations, hotels, and restaurants to enhance brand images, highlight new products, introduce seasonal tourist attractions, and promote special offers.”


Place: Thailand
Industry: Transportation

  • 23 LCD screens