SABIC Academy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

CAYIN Digital Signage Facilitate Meeting Management for New SABIC Academy in Riyadh

SABIC Academy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new SABIC Academy in Riyadh utilizes CAYIN’s digital signage solutions to convey timely information throughout 38 LCD screens in the main entrance, meeting rooms, auditorium, and conference halls. This project was conducted and implemented by SMARTECH AV, CAYIN’s premium partners in Saudi Arabia. Multiple state-of-the-art technologies were introduced to the new Academy to accomplish this smart building.

SABIC Academy
SABIC Academy is the new learning center of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in Riyadh. It provides solid training courses for both SABIC employees and leaders of various government sectors in the Kingdom. The academy is constructed on an area of 11,000 square meters and can accommodate around 450 people. It includes libraries, offices, IT laboratories, meeting rooms, and conference halls equipped with the latest audiovisual technology.

SABIC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. It fosters many generations of industry leaders in the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia.

Target to Create a Speedy Information Channel
As each and every training program is developed per the highest standards, the new SABIC Academy building also shares the same standards. It selects high quality audiovisual equipment to create modern learning environment and nurture leaders in the industry.

The new academy has become the benchmark of education facilities in the Kingdom. CAYIN’s digital signage solution is introduced in this project by SMARTECH AV, CAYIN’s premium partners in Saudi Arabia, to replace old-fashioned bulletin boards and create a speedy digital information channel.

Intelligent Digital Signage System for Meeting Rooms

SABIC Academy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The new SABIC Academy contains 30 meeting rooms and hosts a wide variety of learning programs, including workshops, summits and training classes every day. Most of the time, everything needs to be handled by only one person within a short response time. Therefore, it is important for the Academy to utilize an efficient way to manage meeting rooms and schedule all training programs.

Instead of using bulletin boards, SABIC deploys 17” LCD screens (Flush Mount) in the wall outside 30 meeting rooms, along with CAYIN’s digital signage solutions. The screen clearly and dynamically indicates the meeting topic, start time, and duration of the meeting taking place in that room. Therefore, enrolled trainees can locate the correct class and meeting room easily.

Each screen connects to one CAYIN SMP-WEB4 digital signage player and is managed centrally via CAYIN’s meetingPost software. meetingPost is especially designed for the needs of meeting rooms and multipurpose halls that require flexible arrangement on the events and programs as well as frequent update on the information post. Equipped with a room booking system, meetingPost enables administrators to process online booking for meeting and banquet rooms. All events can be arranged on monthly and weekly calendars.

Therefore, SABIC Academy can edit a meeting list for each meeting room in advance. The screen outside each room will show the correct meeting information automatically at the right time. For impromptu meetings or room changes, the administrator can also input meeting information remotely in the office without running back and forth in the building to change the post. Just one click to submit data and the information will instantly display on the screen.

“This is the first learning center in Saudi Arabia to use this technology to manage all meeting rooms completely,” said Mr.Yousef Abdul Hadi Projects Manager of SMARTECH AV Co. “We are honored to be selected as the main partner to supply all AV and Digital Signage with room schedule systems for the first smart learning academy in Saudi Arabia.”

Vivid Multimedia Information Channel
In addition to the 30 meeting rooms, SABIC Academy also installs three 51” LCD screens in the main entrance, two for the auditorium, and two for the multipurpose hall to increase the reach of the Academy’s public announcements. With the help of CAYIN lobbyPost software, SABIC can select a template, enter data, and immediately show high quality video, tickers, web pages, pictures, weather information, and even live TV programs from the satellite.

World-Class Learning Center
SABIC Academy is an important education facility for the nation to develop industry leaders in the petrochemical industry. Riyadh Gov. Prince Sattam even opened the new SABIC Academy at the headquarters of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in Riyadh on March 20, 2012.

According to the report on Arab News, Mohamed Al-Mady, SABIC vice chairman and CEO, stated: “We have constructed the SABIC Academy by utilizing the latest educational models. The Academy will assist in refining the talents of our employees in all areas, and will provide an opportunity for them to directly interact and communicate with senior leaders of the company, in a world-class learning environment.”
World-class leaders and courses, accompanied by world-class learning facilities successfully enhance the level of education and training and add a new dimension to the advancement of the Kingdom.

CAYIN Technology in Brief
CAYIN Technology offers a complete portfolio of digital signage solutions including media players, servers, and software which are applicable to various industries, such as education, retail, hospitality, corporate, financial, and public institutions. CAYIN is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

SMARTECH AV Co. in Brief
SMARTECH AV is a professional system integrator who provides audio visual, video broadcast and security systems. Based in Jordan / GIRHOMA Co. (since 1976) & Saudi Arabia / SMARTECH AV Co. (since 2008), we are handling many projects in the middle east in different countries (Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Bahrain).

SMARTECH AV provides consultation, design, engineering, implementation, configuration, commissioning, testing and training for all projects that we have implemented for major clients. SMARTECHAV is highly supported in all sales and technical aspects by the manufacturers of respective products and hence can provide clients with high levels of services.


Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Industry: Chemical
Partner: SMARTECH AV Co.
Project Manager: Mr. Yousef Abdul Hadi Solution:

  • SMP-WEB4 x 38
  • SuperMonitor 3
  • xPost (lobbyPost +meetingPost)
  • 17 & 51” LCD screens x 38