National Museum in Krakow, Poland

CAYIN Digital Signage: National Museum in Krakow, Poland

Veracomp and ABEMA Systemy Prezentacyjne installed CAYIN’s digital signage system in the National Museum in Krakow, Poland for the exhibition, “The Monumental Theatre of Stanisław Wyspiański” in memory of a famous Polish artist.  CAYIN SMP players, LCD displays, projectors, and optical mirrors are used in this project to enhance a rich permanent presentation of the artist’s visual works. It was the first use of digital signage on a cultural project in Poland. Furthermore, CAYIN’s digital signage solutions are now part of the museum tools for communication.

National Museum in Krakow is the oldest national museum in Poland. It was established as Poland’s first national art collecting institution in 1879. Until the end of World War I, it was the only such large museum accessible to the public in Poland and still today it remains an institution with the biggest number of collections, buildings and permanent exhibitions. The mission of the Museum is to bear testimony to national and human values by promoting world and Polish art, especially the achievements of the Krakow artistic community. In doing that the Museum applies the latest technologies yet not without due respect for tradition. CAYIN’s digital signage solutions are now part of the museum tools for communication.

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Veracomp chose CAYIN Technology as the digital signage solution provider and cooperated with the installer, ABEMA Systemy Prezentacyjne, delivered the system in the National Museum in Krakow for the exhibition, “The Monumental Theatre of Stanisław Wyspiański”, to mark the 100th anniversary of the artist’s death. The main goal of the exhibition was to show great achievements of the famous Polish artist by using the newest audiovisual technologies. 

It was the first use of digital signage on a cultural project in Poland. In this project, 16 CAYIN’s digital signage players, SMP-WEBPLUS and SMP-PRO3, incorporated with multiple Sanyo 42” LCD displays and projectors, were implemented in the museum to become valuable enhancement to a rich, permanent presentation of the artist’s visual works. LCD displays were mounted in the walls, while projectors were installed on ceilings and behind walls. 

The unique part of this application is the creative visualization system which includes optical mirrors and projectors. Projectors are located vertically, and display contents straight to mirrors, which reflect on the screen with 5-meter-height image. The sound system is also another feature. It was built on more than 20 special speakers that delivered sound just to a specific place.

Content was prepared by the author of the exhibition – Janusz Wałek. Projectors showed how Wawel impressed Wyspianski and how he wanted to alive it. LCD displayed episodes from Wyspianski’s drama, “Wesele” – the famous Polish national drama. It was a great challenge for installers to synchronize content on different 5 meters displays. Thanks to CAYIN’s digital signage system, authors of the exhibition could synchronize content, manage the system remotely, and operate the exhibition 24 hours a day without problems.


Place: Poland
Industry: Museum

  • SMP-WEBPLUS & SMP-PRO3, totally 16 players