i-mobile Shop, Thailand

i-mobile Shop Impresses Shoppers by CAYIN In-Store Digital Signage

CAYIN Digital Signage System in i-mobile Shop, Thailand

DMaSStech installs the digital signage system in 28 i-mobile shops and spearheads CAYIN’s market developments in Thailand

i-mobile Shop, the biggest mobile phone distributor in Thailand, installed CAYIN digital signage system in 28 selected points of distribution. The in-store digital screen network, implemented by DMaSStech (Digital Media and Signage Solution Technology) is remotely managed by the head office and conveys updated advertisements and brand image via branches instantly. It spearheads CAYIN’s digital signage deployments in Thailand.    

i-mobile Company Limited, the biggest mobile phone distributor in Thailand and also has its own brand ‘i-mobile’, which is the most popular house band of mobile phone in Thailand with more than 1,000,000 sets a year. The company also has i-mobile shops in Thailand and distributors in many countries in Southeast Asia and South Asia. i-mobile Shop are located mostly in department stores with around 30 branches in Bangkok and around 50 branches in other provinces. 

To improve its brand image and promote products and services, i-mobile Shop consults DMaSStech, the leading system integrator of digital media and signage solution in Thailand with abundant experiences, and decides to install in-store dynamic digital signage network with CAYIN’s soluion for better communication with customers. 

This digital signage project for i-mobile Shop is targeted to achieve the following objectives.

  1. To improve both corporate and shop image as the mobile phone expert
  2. To advertise i-mobile’s products and services
  3. To sell advertising areas to other customers and partners
  4. To communicate services and messages efficiently to customers


  1. 28 LCD displays are installed in selected i-mobile shops.
  2. CAYIN SMP-PRO3, the zone-type digital signage player is responsible for managing and storing multimedia content.
  3. CAYIN CMS-MINI server is installed at the head office and centrally controls all SMP players in the shops.
  4. The CMS server updates all multimedia contents and schedules to SMP players in each branch via VPN, so that the administrator in the head office can easily manage the displays scattered in different locations.

Displays are installed in the store and face out to customers outside the glass window. All contents presenting on the digital screens are elaborately designed by i-mobile staff who is specialized in media and advertising. CAYIN SMP-PRO3 provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform for the content creation team to convey brand image, advertisements of new mobile phones and latest promotional events by high-quality video, image slide shows, and text ticker. The team even sells advertising area to other customers and partners.

“We believe the in-store digital signage system can create a fashionable, high-tech shop image to all shoppers and pedestrians,” said Pichet Suppana, Senior Manager, retail development of i-mobile Shop. “More than a dynamic platform to showcase i-mobile’s products and services, we look forward to building a digital media for our partners and other advertisers who share the same idea with us.”

The digital signage system has been in operation since July 2008. It attracts more viewers and increases more distribution channel of marketing content and partner products. i-mobile Shop also sells advertising contents to other advertisers and successfully increases sales revenues.

“Dynamic digital signage enhances i-mobile’s brand image of trendy and high-tech,” said Sathian Thancharoenkit, the Managing Director of DMaSStech. “This implementation is only the beginning for i-mobile Shop. In the next phase, they plan to have interactive media with mobile phone, audio text and WAP by using digital signage. We are going to see more interesting integration of state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies.”