CYFRA+, Poland

CYFRA+ leads digital signage at points of sale in Poland with CAYIN solution

CAYIN Digital Signage System for CYFRA+, Poland

Veracomp and NARROWCASTING install CAYIN digital signage system in 188 CYFRA+ points of sale as one of the few digital signage projects in Poland with such a large scale


CANAL+ Cyfrowy, the operator of the CYFRA+ digital TV platform, equipped 188 points of distribution in Poland with CAYIN Digital Signage system. The centrally and remotely managed digital screen network was implemented by NARROWCASTING, a division of KCSP, on the basis of solutions delivered by value-added IT distributor, Veracomp.

CYFRA+ is a Polish digital satellite platform, owned and operated by CANAL+ Cyfrowy, who also operates broadcaster TV channels distributed to more than 350 cable TV networks: CANAL+, CANAL+ Film/CANAL+ Film HD, CANAL+ Sport/CANAL+ Sport HD, serwisu CANAL+ Sport2 and channels ale kino!, ZigZap/Hyper, MiniMini, PLANETE, i Domo. The company holds leadership position on TV market. 

To expand its subscribers’ base, make its existing and future subscribers feel comfortable and optimal informed and, furthermore, spend more time with CYFRA+, the company decides to install the digital signage system on selected 300 CYFRA+ point of sales. This system will be integrated with even more CYFRA+ attractive and interactive broadcast. 


  1. 300 LCD displays in CYFRA+ points of sale in Poland will be connected as one multimedia network
  2. CAYIN SMP-PRO3, the zone-type media player, is responsible for managing and storing multimedia content
  3. CAYIN CMS PERFORMANCE server is also introduced to centrally manage players, group them, update content, and schedule playlist of multimedia content. All content is being displayed on 37” and 42” LCD screens.
  4. Via CAYIN digital signage system, each or some grouped screens (e.g. divided according to regions) can show multimedia content immediately and simultaneously and all content can be arranged through Internet

In the first stage, CAYIN digital signage system was rolled out at 188 of the most popular and representative points of sale. In the second stage, CANAL+ Cyfrowy is planning to implement the same system into the other 112 localizations.

All content presenting on the digital screens is elaborately designed especially for the digital signage network and centrally managed by CANAL+ Cyfrowy. The display of each screen within the digital signage network is divided into several zones presenting video, image banner, and latest text information on ticker scrolling bar. Viewers can learn about the latest promotions, as well as advertisements from all of the campaigns in Poland. 

NARROWCASTING, as the system integrator of digital signage solutions, fulfills the requirements of this project perfectly with the support from Veracomp, the value-added IT distributor.

“When a customer comes to our point of sale, we only have seconds to catch his attention. CAYIN digital signage allows us to grab eyeballs within seconds with dynamic, updated, and interesting content,” said Krzysztof Miodek, Trade Marketing Coordinator of CANAL+ Cyfrowy Sp. z o.o. “This digital signage implementation is not the last of our investments in state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies.”

“The implementation in CYFRA+ stands is the first digital signage project in Poland with such a large scale, and which has been carried out by the investor him/herself. We are convinced that this project will be a great success for CYFRA+ both in financial and brand image aspects,” said Michal Redziak, Director of Audio-Visual Systems, Veracomp.

“It is one of a few implementations in Europe for a client from the media. It makes us really proud to offer our competence and the appropriate solution to CANAL+. We offer several professional digital signage systems, but CAYIN seems irreplaceable for these implementations,” commented Bartlomiej Gawron, General Director of NARROWCASTING, a division of KCSP.

"We highly value this project and appreciate the great efforts from all partners," said Ravel Chi, vice president of CAYIN Technology. "We have been attaching importance to and developing the Eastern European market for some time. Since 2005, Veracomp has been one of our most important partners in this region. CAYIN digital signage solution can efficiently help CANAL+ Cyfrowy to manage the scalable digital screen network and maximize the new impact at the points of sale of CYFRA+.”