Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

School Digital Signage: Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

CAYIN Technology's SMP-WEB has been installed in an important Taiwanese university in Taipei: the Chinese Culture University (CCU). This university consists of four campuses of which each locates separately from each other. In July 2005, CCU decided to construct a new campus media platform for four missions:

  • Replacing old-fashioned announcement ways, including paper poster and bulletin board system. Both of them require high cost of regular maintenance, operation, and lack of efficiency.
  • Distribution of live and pre-edited multimedia information to groups of displays across campuses.
  • Differentiating the image of the school in a highly competitive Taiwanese education market.
  • Offering students, teachers, school staff and visitors an environment with live information.

After having tested a few products from the market, CCU decided to adopt CAYIN Technology's Digital Signage Solution (SMP-WEB display engine and CMS servers) as their unique solution in 2005. CCU has already completed two-phase deployments, including totally 105 players with 32”-50” LCD and PDP displays throughout the campus, such as at front gates, along corridors, in front of elevators, and outside conference rooms allocated in various buildings in different campuses.

Chinese Culture University is now able to display school news, teaching materials, and public information in various formats such as videos, images, scrolling texts, and Flash animations. They also broadcast live videos, such as TV programs and the graduation ceremony, which takes place every year in the auditorium.

This implementation gives a brand new identity to the school where student actively participate to content creation. CAYIN's platform is part of day-to-day student life in the university.