Chain Hotel Novotel, France

CAYIN Digital Sigange System: Chain Hotel Novotel, France

CAYIN Technology’s SMP-WEB has been installed in the business-oriented chain hotel Novotel in France through a cooperation with the local system integrator CPI. Founded since 1967 in Lille, France, Novotel has been successfully offering its hospitality to its guest. Today, international travelers can find 412 of its branch hotels in 56 countries. However, like other hotels, Novotel also faces several challenges:

  • corporate image to be refreshed;
  • intense competition from competitors;
  • high expectations from guests (mainly businessmen) for state of the art IT related services;
  • demands to have a platform to be able to communicate more efficiently to both employees and customers.

Digital signage has been chosen as the solution. 16 SMP-WEB and one content server have been used for this project. Two 37” LCD displays have been installed at the reception area and 14 totem displays in front of conference rooms.

The content for the conference rooms includes daily occupancies, events, and current conference information (name, time, subject, etc.). As for the reception, the two LCD screens can display corporate image, room tariff, live currencies, updated news, special events or promotions, greetings for organizational guests, manager’s name, and messages for guests.

This implementation gives a brand new and dynamic image to the hotel. It also provides an efficient management system for officers in this hotel to update information and control the whole system remotely.  They expect to attract more customers and increase the sales revenue soon.


Place: France
Industry: Hotel

  • SMP-WEB x 16