Chain Hotel Novotel, Egypt

CAYIN Digital Signage Solution First Time in Novotel Egypt

INTERACT Computer Stores assists Novotel Cairo 6th of October to publish conference information efficiently with CAYIN digital signage solution

The Novotel Cairo 6th of October installed CAYIN digital signage solution by INTERACT Computer Stores. The new system was installed in the lobby and outside four meeting rooms to convey instant and multimedia information to conference attendees. As the first digital signage rollout in Egypt, Novotel project spearheads CAYIN’s continuous cultivation in North Africa.

The Novotel Cairo 6th Of October is a 4 star hotel in the Accor group. Operating in nearly 100 countries, Accor is the European leader in hotels and has nearly 4000 hotels from economy to upscale. The Novotel Cairo 6th Of October is positioned as the contemporary hotel and is located in 6th of October City, 25 km from the centre of Cairo, Egypt. It is ideal for a business trip with its prime location in the centre of the business district and 680 sqm of conference rooms.

As a business traveler’s hotel, many events and conferences are taking place in the four meeting rooms in the conference center and hotel staff is always busy with meeting arrangement. The hotelier of Novotel faces the above challenge and seeks solutions to utilize modern technology to change and announce the frequently-updated conference information immediately and remotely in an efficient way, as well as enhance the contemporary image of the hotel at the same time.

“We have garnered many experiences in hotel digital signage worldwide”, said Ravel Chi, vice president of CAYIN Technology. “Nevertheless, we are thrilled to learn about the accomplishment of this project, for it is our first digital signage deployment in Egypt with the great contribution from our excellent partner, INTERACT.”

INTERACT Computer Stores, the leading system integrator in Egypt, works closely with Novotel from system planning to installation, and selects CAYIN digital signage products as the best solution. This project involves SMP-PRO3 signage media players, installed in the lobby and outside meeting rooms.

“The hotelier especially requests to provide a sophisticated but also easy-to-use solution,” said Mr. Moheb Samir of INTERACT computer stores. “CAYIN SMP-PRO3 includes Skin Editor, with which hotel staff can create a proprietary template and design the layout of the multimedia contents simply by drag-and-drop. We believe this is the exact digital signage system Novotel had been looking for.”

The media player also supports to playback streaming/stored videos and image slide shows, so multimedia contents can be presented on those screens to meet a wide range of requirements from different event organizers and increase customers’ satisfaction.

The whole public information display network can be managed remotely via wireless network. CAYIN SMP-PRO3 media player is equipped with a web-based user interface and all system settings and multimedia contents can be changed in any remote PC connected to the network. It is time-saving and convenient for hotel staff.

“We are satisfied with the powerful managerial functions of this new digital signage system,” said Mr. Mohamed Dawood of ACCOR Hotels. “We now can display dynamic contents and also change everything via network. This system really enhances the contemporary image of the hotel.”


Place: Egypt
Industry: Hotel

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