Mahidol University, Thailand

New Concept for School of Medicine in a Digital Age

Mahidol University, Thailand


Mahidol University is a top-ranked university in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1890, the school has devoted itself to education and research in medicine, health sciences and basic sciences. Mahidol has successfully built up a worldwide reputation due to its phenomenal performance in the area of medical science. Over the past 20 years, Mahidol has won 8 distinguished scientific awards, 12 outstanding invention awards, and 18 research awards. The university also contains the most modern and advanced medical equipment.

Digital Initiatives in the Medical Center:

In order to enable efficient two-way communication with the campus, Mahidol adopted CAYIN digital signage solutions and built a digital information network in its medical center. With the use of digital technology, the limits of traditional learning can easily be transcended. The importance of exchanging knowledge and international data-sharing can also be cultivated by creating dynamic and interactive multimedia learning environments.

Digital Signage Solutions:

  • SMP-WEB4 web based digital signage player : 10 units
  • CMS-20 entry-level digital signage content management server: 1 unit

Benefits of Digital Campus:

Mahidol University, Thailand

Instant and Dynamic Messages
In today's rapidly changing environment, digital signage has become an indispensable platform for education. Digital bulletin boards can truly replace the functions of traditional bulletin boards. When deployed at front gates, in front of elevators, outside conference rooms or laboratories, the flexible scheduling of digital contents can provide students, faculty members, and visitors with timely and accurate information. By combining technology with online resources, interactive multimedia contents, and other popular platforms, diverse knowledge and broad perspectives can be nurtured everywhere.

Collaborative and Progressive Resources
Digital signage not only allows for cross-platform integration, but also facilitates internal information flows across entire organizations. With systematic management, cooperation between different departments can become easier than ever. In addition, digitalization can help us to create a paperless environment and improve energy efficiency. Remote management functions can also reduce overall costs in the message- delivery process and further help organizations to develop fine services and unlimited potential.