Facial Detection & Digital Signage

Smarter Advertising, Stronger Customer Engagement

Why integrates facial detection and digital signage?

In the era of information explosion, people are bombarded by a variety of promotional messages and neglect them most of the time. The integration of facial detection technology and digital signage offers personalized advertising content, making digital signage no longer just an eye-catching advertising platform. It becomes a strategic touchpoint for advertisers to drive target customer’s engagement applicable to various industries.

Right Incentive, to the Right Customer, at the Right Time

You can trigger personalized advertising contents based on the viewer’s age, gender or numbers, which not just catch the target audience’s eyes, but catch their hearts.



Numbers of Viewers

Compelling & Engaging Contents

CAYIN’s solution supports a variety of multimedia formats including 4K HDMI video, YouTube Video, Flash® animation, HTML5 web page, image, music, and text ticker. Also, you can edit your multimedia contents into a program to display or create a playlist to display contents from multiple sources in order. Furthermore, the content triggered by face detection can be presented within a single video zone or delivered as a full screen advertisement.
Compelling and Engaging Contents

Special Scheduling for Special Time

You can create a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks based on daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timescales to trigger customized advertisement content only for a specific festival or weekends through facial detection technology and intelligent scheduling function of CAYIN SMP players. For example, you can set up a new year ad campaign and deliver promotional messages only during the New Year holiday.
Special Scheduling for Special Time

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Solution Structure

USB Camera
USB Camera
IP Camera
IP Camera

Suitable CAYIN digital signage players:

Facial detection software

currently support QNAP NAS with QVR Face Tiger software

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