CAYIN Rolls Out Server Software for Flexible Digital Signage Networks

Taipei, Taiwan - May 15, 2017

CMS-SE is a Content Management Server Software for Flexible Digital Signage Networks

Digital signage solution supplier, CAYIN Technology, today announced the launch of its Content Management Server Software, CMS-SE, to provide a more flexible and cost efficient system structure with its SMP digital signage players.

Aside from all the central management benefits a CMS server offers, being a software-only server service, CMS-SE extends more flexibility on the hardware, as well as the installation process and the cost. Users have the choice among onsite hardware, virtual machines, or cloud-based platform such as AMAZON AWS to install CMS-SE on, giving them the possibility to easily adapt the server into any network environment.

Unlike CMS-20, CMS-40, and CMS-80 Servers’ fixed management scale, with CMS-SE, users may purchase different license types according to the exact number of SMP players to be managed. The license can also be expanded at any given time, giving users more freedom when planning for project developments. Each license can appoint anywhere from 10 to 1,000 players simultaneously.

Users can test the CMS-SE free trial for an unlimited period of time. While connecting to 1 SMP player, the free trial grants access to all the features the full version offers, including scheduling, redundancy, player and account management. When users decide to move to the full version, they can simply activate the license in-app. The software is available to the public via CAYIN’s website, which also significantly shortens the lead time by cutting out the delivery process.

CMS-SE provides the most economical way for users to enjoy abundant benefits of central management. The software truly offers an optimum solution for users to manage a self-hosted digital signage network on a broad scale.

For more information on how CMS-SE works, please visit: CMS-SE Features

CAYIN Technology in Brief
CAYIN Technology is a 13-year professional digital signage solution and software developer from Taiwan. By offering a complete portfolio of appliance-based digital signage solutions, CAYIN dedicates itself to being a reliable partner to clients worldwide and has successfully set up various applications globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of its products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ever-growing market demand for almost limitless applications.

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