Digital Signage Integration Packages

Digital Signage Integration Packages

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Digital Signage Integration Packages

CAYIN Technology understands the needs of different digital signage users and has developed complete integration product lines for all. Users will be able to make customized adjustments and coordinate seamlessly with either a single or multiple media players located across one or multiple locations. CAYIN products work together to get the target message across and allow effortless management of media players and systems in the process.

Reproductor Multimedia

Serie SMP-NEO2

Reproductor de señalización digital de alto rendimiento integrado con el software de última generación, SMP-NEO2, con un interfaz de usuario intuitivo y grandes mejoras de funciones. Está diseñado para crear contenidos dinámicos de publicidad y mensajes en carteleras digitales mediante HTML5, Flash, medios sociales, clima, recursos en nube, etc.

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SMP-NEO2 Series
CMS-WS Player

CMS-WS Player

CAYIN CMS-WS Player is designed to be used with CAYIN CMS-WS server.
This App connects your Smart TV and other mobile devices with a CMS-WS server and instantly turns them into digital signage players! Download CAYIN CMS-WS Player now to effectively deploy customer touchpoints on a bigger screen, like Smart TV, and create the perfect user experience.

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CMS V10.0 Series

CMS-SE Server

Bundled with content management servers, CMS V11.0 is a powerful software dedicated to work with SMP-NEO2 digital signage players. It provides a scalable player remote management structure, allowing a secured self-hosted network with easy access to flexible central scheduling, emergency broadcast, and live streaming, etc.

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CMS-WS is the ideal cross-platform server you’ve been waiting for.
The All-in-One Digital Signage Management System allows users to connect and manage up to 1000 devices directly through the web browser.

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CMS-WS v1.0

Premium Software

meetingPost plus
meetingPost plusmeetingPost+

meetingPost+ is dedicated to fulfilling the versatile needs of any meeting room. We got you covered from frequent updates on informational posts to the flexible arrangement of meeting schedules edited in Google Workspace Calendar. meetingPost+ also offers seamless cooperation with CAYIN’s players or any other web-enabled device.

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meetingPost plus

Como parte de nuestros esfuerzos continuos para cultivar su negocio en los respectivos mercados verticales, CAYIN ha desarrollado xPost, un software de aplicación basado en la web, para ofrecer una combinación de herramientas esenciales para crear ricos contenidos para multimedia DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home).

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meetingPost plus

SuperReporter 2 es el software avanzado de notificación exclusivo para la red de señalización digital de CAYIN. Incorporado con los reproductores CAYIN SMP, el software ayuda a los administratores a generar informes de reproducción y estado del sistema al instante para varias redes de señalización digital.

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Reproducción multimedia
Administración remota
Integración flexible
Increíble escalabilidad

Adecuado para una variedad de aplicaciones

Diseñado para redes de publicidad digital DOOH pequeños a grandes



Cada reproductor SMP es administrado de forma individual por su interfaz de usuario basado en web mediante la red.


SMP players can be divided into groups and be controlled centrally by a CMS server and integrated with extended applications on both web-based and Windows-based user interfaces.
CAYIN Basic DOOH Networks

Flexible Display

CMS-WS Player is designed to be used with CMS-WS Server.


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