Mobile and place-based digital signage

Integration with GSM, GPS, and Google Maps

Surpassing the limitation of static locations, CAYIN digital signage is on the move now! Digital signage excels at target marketing, enabling advertisers to communicate with target audiences at the specific time and place. It is also called place-based digital out-of-home media to differentiate it with the traditional “in-home” advertising. In addition to fixed locations, CAYIN’s digital signage system advances to integrate with GSM, GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies, and Google Maps to provide excellent mobile and place-based digital signage solutions.

Digital Signage in Moving Vehicles

CAYIN SMP digital signage players, installed inside transportation vehicles, such as buses, trains, etc., can trace current locations via GSM(3G、4G)and GPS technologies. Once media players are located, screens on buses can playback location-based contents, such as the anniversary sales of department stores or tourist attractions along the route. Furthermore, real time road conditions can also be shown on the screen, when the SMP media player is incorporated with a USB camera (UVC compatible) or S-Video input.

Passengers can receive relevant and useful information to entertain themselves on the bus; local retail stores can attract attention when customers are in the neighborhood. Administrators can also benefit from the upgraded management console.

CAYIN’s CMS server integrates Google Maps into its management console. Therefore, administrators in the control center can locate each player on the map and monitor the functioning status of all digital signage players. Administrators can also spot abnormal situations easily, if any bus is not moving on the right track, or stops at one place for a long time.

Short-term Digital Signage Rentals

For short-term events which require to move displays and media players frequently, GPS function helps to facilitate the convenience of digital signage rental services. For example, to serve different events within one or two days, administrators can store all contents in the player in advance and configure the playback settings based on locations. If stable Internet connection is available in the event venues, updating the latest contents from a CMS server is also a great option.

Onsite installers only need to bring these digital signage players to different event venues and power on; then, the media player will automatically playback the designated content in that venue without any additional configuration. It is convenient for service providers to dispatch media players and complete installation within a short time, in case installers need to switch players onsite.

With CAYIN’s mobile digital signage solution, administrators can monitor the locations and connection status of all SMP media players on Google Maps, and make sure all media players are installed at correct locations.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-8000, SMP-6000, SMP-2100

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