Integration with Touch Screen

Interactive digital signage, the emerging communication platform, can arouse customers’ interests and keep them more involved. CAYIN SMP-NEO & SMP-WEB series media players support integration with HID compliant touch panels, widening selection and hastening the deployment of interactive public display networks.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-8000, SMP-6000, SMP-2100

Touch Screen 1
Touch Screen 2

SMP-NEO & SMP-WEB series digital signage player can integrate with one large touch screen and serve as an interactive information stand in public spaces, such as shopping mall, train station, etc.

You can use the smaller touch screen to control the content showing on the large screen. In this application, you need to use two SMP-NEO or SMP-WEB series digital signage players.

Verified Touch Panels

The following touch panels are tested and verified by CAYIN. Basically, you can choose to use different sizes of touch panels with the same controller and manufacturer. However, we still suggest that you consult the manufacturer of the touch panel and test it with CAYIN’s digital signage player before you decide on the suitable model for your applications.

Touch Manufacturer


Elo TouchSystems (Tyco Electronics)

Technology: SAW
Size: 17" (1739L), 32" (3239L)
Display Maker:
1. Elo
2. NEC M40 LCD display (Multeos-series)


Technology: Optical
Size: 17" & 42"
Display Maker: Chilin


Technology: Optical
Display Maker:
1. Chilin 32" industrial display
2. 40" Samsung DID display model LTI400HA03 with NextWindow's 2150 touch panel


Display Maker: Collevo

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