Retail Digital Signage

Integration with Barcode Scanner and Database

CAYIN SMP-NEO & SMP-WEB series digital signage players, supporting web languages, such as HTML, Javascript, and Flash, can be integrated with a USB barcode scanner and database easily to provide a multi-functional information stand to deliver targeted and relevant information.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-8000, SMP-6000, SMP-2100

Relevant Information

Targeted Promotions

Timely Advertising

The information stand can provide customers with relevant information and helps them make purchase decisions. Shoppers can scan the barcode on each product and learn more product information, such as detailed background introduction of a bottle of wine, usage of an electric drill, or recipes and cooking tips. All information can be conveyed in a dynamic, attractive multimedia presentation.

Retailers can utilize a barcode scanner and member database to promote right commodities based on customers’ purchasing behavior. For example, when customers check accumulated credits by scanning their member cards, the digital signage display can show up advertisements which they will be interested in. When customers scan a product for detailed information, advertisements of complementary products can also be shown on the screen to boost sales.

Timely commercials about the retail store or products in the store can be actively broadcasted on large digital displays. The screen shows responsive contents whenever a barcode is scanned. It can resume the main promotions automatically when no one uses the barcode scanner over a certain period of time.

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