Smartphones and digital signage

Look up! Generation Smartphone!

With the rapid growth in the use of smartphones, users now spend more time on internet-based content and services than on voice calling. Mobile phones have become the medium to obtain information and connect with the world. CAYIN offers the possibility to transform the portable device in your palm into a powerful control, and bring your audience closer to you than ever before. By sending http commands to the player, users can select the playback content on their phone and see the information displayed on the screen simultaneously.

Integration with QR code

You may have noticed that black-and-white pixelated squares showing up increasingly in magazines, advertisements, brochures, business cards, and even in retail stores. They are two-dimensional bar codes, called quick response codes (QR codes).

Thanks to the ease and convenience of QR code, users can get instant access to information on their smartphones, and even better, bring it with them right away.

What is QR Code?

QR code, abbreviated from Quick Response Code, is a two-dimensional bar code. A QR code can store up to a massive 7,089 characters while a standard one-dimensional barcode stores only up to 30. Due to a higher storage capacity of data, QR code can be used to link web pages, videos, Email address, phone numbers, maps, and Facebook or twitter pages to create diversified creative applications.

QR Code and Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a strong medium to seize attention within seconds and convey information and ideas instantly to target audiences. However, the effectiveness of unidirectional communication cannot satisfy advertisers any more. Brand managers are seeking more interactions with customers to increase engagement, enhance brand images, and, even better, let customers keep the information in their mobile phones with them wherever they go!

Here we list some examples of digital signage applications with smartphones by QR codes.

Offer Coupons and Boost Sales

Register for Activities Immediately

Control Digital Signage Screens

Advertisers can run a special promotion embedded with a QR code on digital signage networks to raise awareness of their products and drive customers to purchase them right away. By scanning the QR code on the screen, customers can download coupons into their phones or even link to the online shop to complete all purchase procedures.

When people see the promotion of an activity on the screen, they can use smartphones to scan the QR code on the screen, go to the event’s web page, and register for the activity immediately.

With CAYIN’s SMP-NEO & SMP-WEB series media players, users can use their smartphones to scan the QR code, and turn their phones into a remote controller right away. When users tap on the menu shown on their mobile phones, the corresponding content will show on the digital signage screen.

Download Maps to Destinations

Provide Detailed Product Information

More Creative Applications

Compared to traditional TV commercials, digital signage can convey designated information to targeted audiences in specific areas. Therefore, digital signage can be used to introduce tourist attractions, well-known landmarks, and promote products and services in local stores. QR code can help to mark the location on the map and show customers the way to the destination.

Digital signage is usually used to highlight main selling points of products and attract customers’ attention by dynamic, multimedia content. Listing all detailed specifications by texts is not the first choice for digital signage content planning. In addition, customers may not be able to check all details on the move. So, QR code can lead customers to the product web page and help them store the page onto their mobile phones.

Integrating digital signage and QR code not only expands usage of digital signage but also brings more surprises to customers. Please remember to give customers the motivation to take out their mobile phones and scan your QR code when you start to design the content or create marketing campaigns.

How to Use QR Code?

Install a QR code reader

  1. First, you need to install a QR code reader in your smartphone. Just search the iTunes APP Store or Android Market with the keyword, QR reader. Then, install the software onto your mobile phone.
  2. Once a QR code reader is installed on your phone, activate the software and point it at a code; then it’s done.

Create a QR code
You can google with the keyword, QR code generator. Many websites provide this service for free.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-8000, SMP-6000, SMP-2100, SMP-300

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