digital signage software, software for digital signage,  SuperMonitor5, monitor software

Monitors and manages multiple projects, servers, and players simultaneously

software for digital signage, monitor software,  SuperMonitor5, digital signage software
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SuperMonitor5 is the advanced management software dedicated for CAYIN digital signage network. Incorporated with CAYIN CMS server, the software greatly enhances managerial functions, assisting administrators in monitoring and configuring multiple CMS servers and SMP players simultaneously by simply clicking, selecting, and drag-n-drop.

 digital signage software, software for digital signage, digital signage network, digital signage software


Monitor Player Installation Progress

 SuperMonitor5, monitor software,  digital signage monitor, software for digital signage

Administrators can import a player list (text file) into the unregistered folder in advance. Each player will be automatically moved to its predefined folder after it gets online and registers to the CMS server.


Perform Time-Saving Batch Configuration

Configurations, such as multimedia playback, local schedule and system settings, can be synchronized between the benchmark player and all the other selected players in the same group.


Monitor Content Update Process

digital signage network, monitor software, software for digital signage, digital signage software

Administrators can watch the percentage of the download process and ensure successful content synchronization. Historical records of content update can also be tracked on SuperMonitor5, so that administrators can watch over the status at any time.


Schedule Playlists Centrally with Calendar View

 digital signage software, monitor software,  digital signage monitor, digital signage software

SuperMonitor5 provides an alternative calendar view to schedule the following multimedia playback:

• SMP-PRO series:
video, music, image, ticker,
skin, and volume

• SMP-WEB series:
playlist made up of items: webpage, Flash, image, video,
program, volume

All schedules and playlists configured in SuperMonitor5 will be synchronized to CMS servers automatically and then apply to SMP players in groups
* The version of CMS 9.0 or later is not supported


Monitor Live Status of Multimedia Playback

 digital signage software, digital signage software, software for digital signage,  SuperMonitor5

Administrators can check the current playlist, multimedia files, and even the actual preview of the screen, receiving instant updates of each SMP player.


Update and Manage Patch Efficiently

SuperMonitor5 assists users in listing available patches, filtering suitable SMP players for each patch, and simplifying the maintenance of large-scale digital signage networks.

digital signage network,  SuperMonitor5, monitor software, digital signage software


Regroup Players with Great Flexibility

With SuperMonitor5, administrators can easily move SMP players to a different group or a different CMS server by simple drag-n-drop. In addition, hostnames of SMP players or CMS servers in SuperMonitor5 can be changed without entering the web-based management interface one by one.


Provide Instant Alert Mechanism

 digital signage software, digital signage network, software for digital signage, monitor software

The system will indicate those abnormal devices whenever any disconnection between a SMP player and a CMS server is detected. SuperMonitor5 can even send an alert notification by Email to multiple users immediately or upon a pre-set schedule.


Trigger Emergency Events

Administrators can trigger emergency events through SuperMonitor5, so that those enabled players will broadcast the pre-configured emergency contents to the public.


Enhance Security with Data Encryption

SuperMonitor5 adopts advanced encryption and authentication methods to secure data transmission. Users can configure their own golden key to ensure the integrity of data.


software for digital signage, digital signage software,  digital signage monitor,  SuperMonitor5

The player profile in SuperMonitor5 can be imported into SuperReporter 2, so that the same database can be shared.

SuperReporter 2, the Windows®-based package software, helps administrators to generate playback and system status reports and diagrams.