Dedicated media players for your needs: Zone-type

CAYIN’s digital signage players are equipped with the following features:

  • Appealing multimedia playback
  • Local and central scheduling
  • Powerful remote management
  • Easy template creation tool
  • Friendly multi-language platform
  • Ready-to-use products with embedded software
  • One-time investment without extra licenses or subscription fees

SMP-PRO series
Zone-type digital signage players

  • For those who need to show advanced and interactive contents via HTML/Flash and have HTML editing skills or are proficient in developing web applications
  • SMP-WEB series is a flexible platform for extended integration.
  • Create templates by CAYIN Skin Editor or any HTML/Flash editing software.

CAYIN provides users with a wide range of selections of media players to fit various application requirements and budgets.

  Zone-Type Digital Sigange Player
Model digital signage player, digital signage player  SMP-WEB4, digital signage player  digital signage player, digital signage player  fanless media player
Software –SMP-PRO
Dimension 196 (W) x 123 (D) x 33 (H) mm
Weight 655g
Video In -
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps
GSM, Wi-Fi v
Fanless v
Zone Number 7
Video Area 1
Signal Output Single Mode
User Define Resolution -
Max. Screen Resolution 1920x1080
Video Resolution 1080p
Flash, HTML, Web App -
Touch-Enabled -
GPS Show Location Only
Scheduling v
Portrait Display v

As a scalable system, CAYIN’s digital signage player can be deployed in both small and large-scale projects and be managed with or without network connection.

Offline Management

Manage and update content in the environment without network connection.

Networked Standalone Solution

Manage every single media player separately via network.

Client-Server Model

SMP players can be divided into groups and be controlled centrally by a CMS server.