Multifunctional Media Players

to empower digital display networks

More powerful! More intuitive! More flexible!

Bundled with SMP-NEO2, the next-generation digital signage software, CAYIN’s versatile digital signage players are equipped with the following great new features:

Embedded SMP-NEO2 Software
Experience a whole new look and great feature enhancements

3 Playback Modes
Enjoy benefits of both web-based and zone-type media players

Self-designed Template Creation
Design templates directly on SMP player or on your PC

Flexible Task Scheduling
Arrange based on once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timescales with calendar view

Integrate Web Services
Show selected areas from web pages or popular web services, such as Twitter and Weather

Rich Library & Cloud Resources
Make stylish templates and clocks freely available

Unlimited Zones
Unleash your video*, image, and ticker zones. (*Depending on hardware spec.)

Maximized Operational Efficiency
Leaner software, faster response rate, and more reliable.

A Wide Range of Appliances

CAYIN provides users with a wide range of selections of media players to fit various application requirements and budgets.

Model SMP-8000 Versatile Digital Signage Player for 4-Display Video Wall
SMP-6000 Versatile Digital Signage Player for 2 separate contents
SMP-2100 Versatile Digital Signage Player
Size 250 (W) x 190 (D) x 35 (H) mm 275 (W) x 181 (D) x 50 (H) mm 129 (W) x 109.4 (D) x 34 (H) mm
Weight 2.2 Kg 2.2 Kg 0.9 Kg
Zone Number 11 (Skin)/ Unlimited (HTML) 11 (Skin)/ Unlimited (HTML) 11 (Skin)/ Unlimited (HTML)
Video Area 2 / 4 2 / 4 2
Signal Output Single, Clone, Extended, Distinct Modes Single, Clone, Extended, Distinct Modes Single, Clone, Extended, Distinct Modes
User Define Resolution v v v
Max. Screen Resolution Single Mode: 4096 (width or height)
Other modes: 2048 (width or height)
2048 (width or height) 2048 (width or height)
Max. Video Resolution 1x4K or 4x1080p* 2 x 1080p 2 x 1080p
Video In - S-Video -
VGA - 1 -
DVI-D - 1 -
HDMI - 1 2
DisplayPort 4 - -
Fanless - - v
Flash, HTML, Web App v v v
GPS v v v
GSM, Wireless v v v
Scheduling v v v
Touch-Enabled v v v
Portrait Display v v v

* Please refer to the SMP-8000 product page for detailed video specification.

Scalable Applications

Digital signage players, also known as advertising players and digital signage media players, are display engines to drive digital out-of-home networks. As a scalable system, CAYIN’s digital signage player can be deployed in both small and large-scale projects and be managed with or without network connection.

Offline Management

Manage and update content in the environment without network connection.

Networked Standalone Solution

Manage every single media player separately via network.

Client-Server Model

SMP players can be divided into groups and be controlled centrally by a CMS server.