Energy Saving Zone-Type Digital Signage Player

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Main Features

Multimedia Content in Seven Zones Digital Signage Appliance

SMP-300 supports

  • 1 background design
  • 1 multimedia (stored Full HD video/image/music) area
  • 2 image slide show areas
  • 2 ticker areas
  • 1 clock & date area

It includes 46 image transition effects for users to create dynamic presentations. Except for the clock area, each zone can be scheduled separately, providing you with the best flexibility to arrange your presentation.

Super Energy Saving for Optimal Long-Term Operation

Digital Signage Player SMP-300: Super Energy Saving for Optimal Long-Term Operation

Equipped with an ARM processor, SMP-300 is extremely energy-saving. The maximum power consumption is less than 6W, which is approximately 50-100 times less than a desktop PC consumes. SMP-300 can even turn on and off remote screens immediately whenever it is necessary or based on a pre-set schedule. When it comes to long-term operation of digital signage networks, SMP-300 can greatly help you lower your monthly electricity costs.

Plug and Play Instant Setup

Digital Signage Player SMP-300: Plug and Play Instant Setup

SMP-300 media player allows you to play multimedia content via USB flash drive or SD card. You can simply store your content in either of the above two devices and start to plug and play. It is the most convenient solution when you don’t have network connection.

Easy-to-use Content Creation

digital signage appliance, digital signage appliance manufacturer, well-optimized digital signage appliance

SMP-300 is equipped with pre-designed skins and stylish clocks for users to create attractive presentations easily. You can also design your own templates and clocks freely by CAYIN Skin Editor, an intuitive drag-and-drop tool to define the size and the location of each zone.

Instant Remote Diagnostics and Preliminary Maintenance

Administrators can remotely check log records to perform troubleshooting . They can also choose to restore configurations or recover system immediately, whenever it is necessary.

digital signage appliance, digital signage appliance manufacturer, well-optimized digital signage appliance

Compact and Lightweight for Easy Installation

Digital Signage Player SMP-300: 3-in-1 bracket

SMP-300 is extremely small and weights only 655g for you to facilitate installation in different venues. The whole package even includes a complimentary 3-in-1 bracket, supporting VESA 50, VESA100, and the wall-mount capability. All you need to do is to attach the player to the back of a screen, plug in the power cord, and the player will turn on, completing the installation.

Multiple Ways for Content Updates

Multimedia content can be updated manually by USB flash drive, SD card, FTP, and Network Neighborhood. You can also use the CAYIN CMS server to update the player’s content automatically through LAN or the Internet based on the pre-set schedule. The play reserves 2GB storage space for you; nevertheless, you can increase capacity up to 32GB easily by plugging your own SD card anytime you need.

Local and Central Scheduling

Administrators can edit a schedule directly on an individual SMP media player. They can also choose to centrally control multiple players in groups by a CMS server. After a playlist is edited, the player will playback multimedia content based on this pre-set schedule.

digital signage appliance, digital signage appliance manufacturer, well-optimized digital signage appliance
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