CAYIN CMS Station Digital Signage Content Management Server Software
CAYIN CMS Station Digital Signage Content Management Server Software
CAYIN CMS Station Digital Signage Content Management Server Software


Digital Signage
Content Management Server

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Product Highlights

  • Empower users to quickly and painlessly install CAYIN CMS Station on QNAP NAS and integrate a series of on-demand A/V applications into a single platform
  • Combine the advantages of CMS software redundancy with QNAP NAS RAID protection to create an ultra-reliable, 24/7 uninterrupted service
  • Resilient management software with intuitive user interface and accessible online help
  • Update contents to a maximum of 4,000* SMP players simultaneously
  • Choose between main server, site server or backup server to ensure greater flexibility in network design
  • Offer flexible central scheduling based on once, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly timescales
  • Monitor the current screenshots of a maximum of 15 SMP players per page simultaneously (requiring CMS-PRO)
  • Synchronize configurations across multiple SMP players all at once (requiring CMS-PRO)
  • Broadcast emergency messages with just two clicks
  • *Depending on the type of license purchased
Service-Oriented Architecture

Save time and money on system integration in a single platform

CAYIN CMS Station (CMS-SE-LXC) is ideally designed as a cloud service and allows quick deployment on QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage). The integration of CAYIN CMS Station and QNAP NAS further ensures that digital signage services can be quickly deployed and stably operated through rigorous testing and verification. Users who have heavy requirements on real-time audio and video applications can also integrate those applications into a single platform.
Save time and money on system integration in a single platform
It be comes a service-oriented platform to enhance server utilization, backup effectivity and management efficiency. This will greatly reduce the cost of hardware, electricity, heat dissipation and space. Users only need to search and install CAYIN CMS Station via QNAP APP Center to establish the service in a few minutes. You will exempt from the cost of compatibility verification during the system integration.

QNAP System provides a comprehensive range of cutting-edge Network-attached Storage (NAS) solutions. It covers from small bay models designed for SMB users to rack-mount level NAS for businesses and workgroups. Users can choose a suitable NAS according to the usage and load of those A/V applications. The flexible licensing mechanism allows users to acquire CAYIN CMS Station by annual subscription or perpetual license to meet your business needs.


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Intuitive User Interface

With a concise and clear design, CAYIN CMS server’s new user interface allows you to handle the system in an instant and manage a great quantity of SMP players all at once. Moreover, help files are accessible through the help button on every page, navigating you through the learning process.
Digital Signage CMS Server Designing a Multi-server Environment

Designing a Multi-server Environment

Administrators can assign a role: main server, site server or backup server. The backup server will restore files and take over as soon as the main server fails, while the site server, installed at a branch office, can share the workload between servers. Building a multi-server architecture ensures centralized and/or decentralized management, flexible network planning, bandwidth saving, content backup, and non-stop services. It is the best solution for you to develop a personalized network planning and achieve a stable long-term operation.
Designing a Multi-server Environment for your digital signage network

Efficient Management of Multiple Digital Signage Players

CAYIN CMS Station can control up to 4,000 SMP players simultaneously*. All SMP players connecting to the server can be monitored through the server’s web-based user interface. Instead of configuring media players one by one, you can manage all of them at the same time. Administrators can also locate SMP players on Google Maps when SMP players activate the location/GPS function. *Depending on the type of license purchased
Efficient Management of Multiple Digital Signage Players in your digital signage network

Five-Layer Group Management

Administrators can create a maximum of five-layer groups to manage all SMP players systematically in two major aspects: content updates and task scheduling. CMS server will centrally control the playlists of all media players and synchronize content automatically to all players in groups. You can set the priority for each schedule in different layers to accommodate your need.
Viewing Modes For Digital Signage Playback Scheduling: Calendar view and Table View
Intuitive Scheduling Management

2 viewing modes for playback scheduling: calendar and timetable.

You can insert a one-time event or arrange periodic tasks based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales for all SMP players in groups. Location-based scheduling is also doable to largely increase the flexibility. SMP players will playback multimedia content automatically based on the schedule assigned by the CMS server. CMS provides two viewing modes, calendar and timetable, for you to facilitate schedule management.
Perfect Combination of Software Redundancy and NAS RAID Protection

Always Be Prepared

CMS Station supports Redundancy (Failover) service, so you don’t have accidents. Should a CMS server become offline or unavailable, the backup server will automatically divert the connection until the Major CMS is available again. Moreover, with RAID protection on QNAP NAS server, the enterprise applications, configurations, data and contents will be secured and backed up by the selected RAID mode. You will get an unparalleled reliability digital signage network and service.
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Digital Signage Server Redundancy (Failover) service
Instant Alert Broadcasting to the groups of digital signage players
Instant Alert Broadcasting to the groups of digital signage players

Instant Alert Broadcasting

With just two clicks, you can activate the alert mechanism and broadcast emergency messages to a particular group or to all groups. Emergency messages can be presented in many formats, such as texts, images, video, HTML, etc.
Multiple ways to update the contents to the digital signage player
Multiple ways to update the contents to the digital signage player

Multiple Ways to Update Content

Multimedia content can be updated by FTP and Network Neighborhood. You can also upload or delete files directly in the Library of CMS’s user interface.
Secured Decentralized Management

Secured Decentralized Management

Administrators can create multiple user accounts and authorize each account to possess different access rights. Usernames and passwords are required to access the user interface and media folder.
Ready-to-use Digital Signage Server

Ready-to-use Digital Signage Server

CAYIN CMS Station, a dedicated content management server software for digital signage networks, is easy to install, and ready-to-use on your hardware*. Not only will you enjoy a seamless user experience, but you can also manage the device remotely from your web browser.

*Please refer to System Requirement

Rich Library and Cloud Resources

All necessary raw materials, including multimedia files, fonts, clocks, skins, programs, and playlists, can be accessed easily in the Library to assist you in organizing resources. The system allows you to upload your desired fonts and even download the latest templates from CAYIN’s Cloud service for free to greatly enrich your content.


An Add-On Module For Advanced Management

CMS-PRO provides administrators with more efficient and advanced central management, especially when it comes to implementing digital signage projects of different scales. The software is an add-on module embedded in a CMS server and must be purchased separately.
Access Detailed Information of SMP Digital Signage Players Efficiently class=

Access Detailed Information of
SMP Players Efficiently

Administrators can check the details of system information, log records, and content update status of multiple SMP players without logging in the user interface of each SMP player one by one.
Perform Time-Saving Batch Configuration of your mutiple digital signage players

Perform Time-Saving
Batch Configuration

Configurations, such as multimedia playback, local schedule and system settings, can be synchronized between the benchmark player and all the other selected players simultaneously.
Monitor Live Status of Multimedia Playback for your digital signage network

Monitor Live Status of
Multimedia Playback

Administrators can check the screenshots of a maximum of 15 SMP players per page simultaneously, receiving instant updates of each SMP player.
Provide Instant Alert Mechanism for those abnormal digital signage players

Provide Instant
Alert Mechanism

The system will indicate those abnormal devices whenever any disconnection between a SMP player and a CMS server is detected. Administrators can also receive an alert notification via Email.


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