Live Feed and Digital Signage

Live Information and Live Video

Keeping your content dynamic and fresh is the key to attract eyes continuously. CAYIN digital signage solutions provide a wide spectrum of options to present live information and live video on your screens.

Live Information

SMP-WEB series players display content in full-page HTML and support most popular web languages. The player can retrieve live data, such as RSS feed, currency rate, and weather, from web servers, so that you don’t need to key in the data manually.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-WEB4, SMP-WEBDUO

Live Video

CAYIN SMP digital signage media players can receive live video from the following three types of sources: Local, LAN, and WAN. You can select a suitable one based on your project requirements.

Suitable Digital Signage Players: SMP-PRO4, SMP-WEB4, SMP-WEBDUO




CAYIN SMP digital signage players can connect to:

  • USB Camera (UVC compatible)
  • TV Tuner (Video In)

Users can show TV programs via a TV tuner to entertain customers or to show surveillance video streaming from the USB camera.

CAYIN SMP digital signage players can receive live video from:

  • CAYIN CMS Server (RTB)
  • Media Gateway

This solution is suitable for museums, schools, convention centers and opera houses to broadcast shows and activities live on the stage to all screens within the venues.

CAYIN SMP digital signage players can receive live video from:

  • CAYIN CMS Server (RTB)
  • MMS Server
  • Media Gateway
  • Flash (SMP-WEB series only)

You can broadcast a streaming video via Internet to SMP players scattered in different locations. For example, chained restaurant owners can broadcast football games live to entertain their customers via CAYIN CMS server.

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